ADP Shares 5 Strategies for Overcoming Barriers for Women in Leadership

ADP ranked No. 15 on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2023.


Women in leadership represent a significant gap in today’s succession planning and hiring pipelines.

ADP shared five strategies for women in leadership to overcome barriers at the “Understanding Leadership Barriers” panel at Women@Work 2023.

The strategies include:

  1. Develop your talent pipeline to support dimension: Hire for an additive benefit to your team, not based on pedigree
  2. Broaden your DEI metrics: Include metrics in areas like female representation, promotional goals and hiring across all levels
  3. Leverage neutral bias monitors: A neutral bias monitor sits in and observes conversations, identifying where bias may occur and steering the conversation back on track
  4. Create affinity groups with executive feedback: Groups focused on uplifting women serve to empower, support networking and improve inclusivity
  5. Support leaders with coaching: A coach can help advance women in leadership by giving them feedback and providing perspective

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