Kaiser Permanente Shares Approach for Safe and Affordable Drugs

Kaiser Permanente is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


Kaiser Permanente has shared its approach to making prescription drugs more effective, safe and affordable, urging lawmakers to follow suit.

In addition to controlling costs, the company says ensuring the quality and safety of prescription drugs is paramount. Kaiser prescribes medicines based on evidence, negotiates prices, uses generics and biosimilars, and tracks safety and outcomes.

“The prescription drug market is rife with problems; but many can be overcome with the right public policies in place. Our experience at Kaiser Permanente shows what is possible when evidence, safety, and value are our guides,” said Mary Beth Lang, Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer.

The company also supports the following policy changes for lawmakers:

  • Encourage prescribing based on evidence and prevent disinformation about the quality and effectiveness of generic drugs and biosimilars
  • Ensure healthcare organizations pay for prescription drugs based on value, not on an arbitrary price set by the manufacturer
  • Reform the U.S. patent system and other anti-competitive practices, which will help break up monopolies that set high prices and block competition
  • Consider creative solutions for preventing drug shortages and improving the resilience of the U.S.’s prescription drug supply chain
  • Ensure the FDA can develop and maintain a system for detecting post-market efficacy and safety concerns

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