Overview of the Fair360 Top 50

Data submitted by companies for the annual Fair360 Top 50 companies for Diversity competition provides Fair360 with a trusted measure of employer and investor data transparency, equitable human capital outcomes for U.S. employers and the effectiveness of workplace fairness strategy, policies and practices.

The Top 50 is the only survey that offers a comprehensive overview of total workforce and top four levels of management across the dimensions of gender, ethnicity, orientation, age, disabilities and veteran status.

Beyond establishing the Top 50, the survey helps us rank top companies within specific industries such as utilities, hospitals and health systems and regional companies as well as noteworthy companies and past winners who are in the Hall of Fame. The data within the survey also yields an additional 15 lists focused on talent development, leadership accountability, executive representation of people of color and more.

Companies with more than 750 U.S. employees are eligible to take the survey. Participants, including companies that do business with Fair360 through our Benchmarking and Branding offerings, do not receive any preferential treatment.  Companies cannot buy a spot on the Top 50 list or Specialty Lists. The Top 50 process is not pay-to-play.

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Participation in the Top 50 survey is free and every participating company that completes its submission receives a free report card, assessing its performance versus all competitor’s overall performance in six key aspects of workplace fairness:

  • Human Capital Metrics: Four levels of management, total management, total workforce, promotions, retention and new hires
  • Leadership Accountability: Looks at Board of Directors, CEO and Senior Leadership
  • Talent Programs: Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), mentoring, high potential and sponsorship programs
  • Workforce Practices: Talent acquisition, talent management, onboarding, benefits and supplier diversity
  • Supplier Diversity: Spend with companies owned by people from underrepresented groups
  • Philanthropy: Contributions to nonprofit organizations focused on people from underrepresented groups and employee volunteerism

Data Policy

Unless prior approval has been provided, we do not divulge specific data of any company. We manage each company’s data in a secure environment to maintain confidentiality.

If a company earns a spot on the Top 50 list or one of the Specialty Lists, we only discuss the shared best practices it utilizes that helped it make the list. If a company does not make one of the lists, we do not reveal any information – including the company name.

Click here to review our full Data Security Policy and Procedures.

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