Abbott Shares Ways to Encourage Nutritious, Sustainable Eating Habits for Kids

Abbott ranked No. 9 on the Fair360 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list.


Abbott shared three ways to encourage children to eat nutritious and sustainable food to support a healthy relationship with food and ensure a food supply for future generations.

Teaching kids about nutrition helps encourage healthy habits to take into adulthood. Education on sustainability also helps ensure future generations can thrive.

Here are ways to teach children how to support the environment while focusing on good nutrition:

  1. Eat at least one plant-based meal a week
  2. Shop locally and look for in-season produce
  3. Grow food at home in your garden

“Simple actions such as choosing seasonal produce or swapping animal-based proteins with plant-based choices can spark a conversation with your child about how the foods you eat and the planet’s health are interconnected,” Abbott wrote. “Over time, these practices can result in positive attitudes and habits that your child will carry with them into adulthood.”

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