TIAA Recognized Among Best Companies for Representation by Black Enterprise Magazine

TIAA ranked No. 8 on the Fair360 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list.


TIAA has been recognized among the 2023 Best Companies for representation by Black Enterprise Magazine, a business, investing and wealth-building resource for African Americans.

The ranking recognizes companies demonstrating the importance of equitable access and its role as a world-changing business imperative.

“Now, more than ever, DEI must be placed high on the corporate agenda,” the Black Enterprise Magazine wrote. “In fact, our post-pandemic era is marked by two powerful, opposing, and defining forces: companies committed to addressing systemic inequities versus conservatives lashing out against the actions of so-called ‘woke’ institutions. Against this backdrop, we found it vital to identify those publicly traded corporations dedicated to creating more dynamic workforces, diverse corporate governance, expansive supply chains, and inclusive management.”

The 2023 ranking is the first after a five-year hiatus.


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