EY: Consumers Are Showing More Interest in EVs

EY is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


EY’s Mobility Consumer Index (MCI) revealed that consumer interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is at an all-time high in the United States.

The MCI is a global survey of over 15,000 consumers from 20 countries. It provides insights into the shifts in journey patterns, modal choices, vehicle buying and transition to electric mobility. It also assesses the car-buying journey and offers insights into attitudes toward mobility choices and sustainability.

“The EY Mobility Consumer Index answers the most pressing questions around mobility in the US. The MCI takes an in-depth look at the tipping point for vehicle electrification, how soon autonomous and shared mobility will take off, and overarching societal implications,” said Steve Patton, EY Americas Mobility Sector Leader. “On the heels of government legislation aimed at mitigating consumer concerns and driving increased collaboration between private and public sectors, this year’s data demonstrates that the US is at a true precipice when it comes to mainstream EV adoption. We can expect to see more EVs, both commercial and consumer, on the road.”

The index revealed that 48% of car buyers in the U.S. intend to purchase an EV within the next 24 months. These findings mark a 19% increase from the 2022 MCI.

EV intent is also growing globally. The U.S. jumped five spots in an EV readiness ranking, landing at No. 7. ChinaNorway and Sweden are the top three.

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