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Jimmy Etheredge

I feel accountable for the experiences our people have. Inclusion is about enabling everyone to be their authentic selves and fully contribute as valued team members. When we do that, it has a powerful compounding effect. It creates a diverse and equitable environment where every person feels like they belong, every day, and it inspires our people to be their best – at work, at home and in their communities.

Yolanda Friend
Yolanda Friend
Managing Director, North America Inclusion and Diversity Lead

Cultivating an inclusive culture where everyone can authentically thrive and achieve their goals is at the heart of what matters most. Lasting results require a series of small, smart choices. Together, we’ll continue to advocate for others, putting people first. When we get this right, everything else falls into place.

From The Company

Accenture treats inclusion, diversity and equality like other business priorities with goals, metrics and accountability. Our commitment starts at the top – 60% of our board of directors are racially and ethnically diverse, and 50% are women including our Chair and CEO Julie Sweet. In 2016, we were the first professional services company to publish comprehensive U.S. workforce data. We’ve shared our workforce composition every year since by gender, race and ethnicity, persons with disabilities and veterans.

We expect our leaders to create and sustain a culture of equality by meeting I&D goals and retaining diverse talent. We recently launched several career development programs for African American, Black, Hispanic American and Latinx leaders focused on skilling, coaching and sponsorship.

Our workplace culture centers around psychological safety and compassion, enabling our people to bring their authentic selves to work. We have a mental health and wellness strategy, and it’s a key priority for our leaders at all levels. We have numerous employee resources including nearly 8,000 trained mental health allies.

We continue to scale the Apprenticeship Network, helping other companies develop programs. We aim to fill 20% of entry-level roles in the US from our apprenticeship program in fiscal year 2022.