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Michael J. Dowling
President and CEO

We are at a landmark moment and critical juncture in US healthcare. The health disparities unmasked by COVID-19 made it abundantly clear that when we do not take care of everyone in our society, all of society suffers. It is a hard-earned lesson that must forever reshape our traditional healthcare delivery model and catapult a much-needed redesign aimed at ensuring equitable care for all. As demonstrated by the dedication shown by our healthcare professionals during the pandemic, human connections will be instrumental in rebuilding trust within communities that bore the brunt of the pain and suffering. The principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to an organization’s strategy if that organization wants to be innovative and successful. I’m proud of our leadership and action when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion and health equity. While we are making progress, we still have a long way to go. It is a never-ending process.

Jennifer H. Mieres, MD
SVP, Center for Equity of Care and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

On our journey to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion to achieve health equity, Northwell has been intentional with formalized strategies, dedicated resources and the implementation of an expanded health care delivery model which fosters a partnership with our communities to provide culturally customized care. Recognition by DiversityInc validates our commitment, beliefs and programs to advance health equity and diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

From The Company

At Northwell Health we are committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and health equity to better serve our patient population; fully realize the potential of our workforce; and mitigate the underlying factors that lead to health inequities and disparities in our communities. DiversityInc’s recognition is a tribute to Northwell’s commitment to Raise Health for all.

Northwell’s culture focuses on our five values or “Truly’s”: Truly Ambitious, Truly Compassionate, Truly Inclusive, Truly Innovative and Truly Together. ‘Truly Inclusive’ demonstrates our commitment to valuing our differences and fostering a culture in which all team members feel that their voices are heard, and they can contribute to our mission at every level of the organization.

Our workforce equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy focuses on three main components:

  • Hiring Diverse Talent: Attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, with an enhanced focus on increasing diverse representation in leadership roles.
  • Development, Advancement and Retention: Ensuring we have fair processes and access to opportunities for all team members at every step of their careers.
  • Fostering a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging: Cultivating a culture that is inclusive for people of all backgrounds and experiences, ensuring our leaders understand how to lead inclusively so all team members feel safe, respected and heard.

A few of our recent initiatives include: our expanded Inclusion Academy (our one-stop shop for EDI&B education); our “Connections” series, hosted by our Business Employee Resource Groups, focused on the workplace experiences of our team members; our new Center for Maternal Health at the Katz Institute for Women’s Health; our Returnship Program, focused on providing an internship-type experience to caregivers who have left the workforce for an extended period of time; the Northwell Community Scholars Program, supporting youth education and college scholarship for hundreds of students in local school districts; and continued advocacy through the Northwell-established Center for Gun Violence Prevention.

We look forward to continuing our diversity, equity, inclusion and health equity journey with our partner, DiversityInc.