The Power of Female Leadership: How to Demonstrate Inclusion

Want to build a more inclusive workplace? Look no further than your female leaders. 

Compared to male leaders at their level, women CEOs are more likely to foster inclusion, exhibit empathy and support employee career development and well-being, according to and McKinsey & Company’s Women in the Workplace 2022 report. 

“Many employees, including women and men leaders, have experienced a major shift in priorities over the last couple of years,” says Gina Cardazone, Ph.D., Research Principal and co-author of the report. “For women, DEI is both a matter of principle and opportunity. When companies aren’t committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, they risk letting pervasive biases keep women from having an equal opportunity to advance. Women leaders don’t want to experience that for themselves and they don’t want to see that for their employees.”

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