Johnson & Johnson Ranks No. 2 on the Access to Medicine Index

Johnson & Johnson is a Hall of Fame company.


Johnson & Johnson ranked second on the 2022 Access to Medicine Index, which is a report card that assesses the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies on their efforts to expand equitable access to medicine globally.

Lower- and middle-income countries are at the forefront of these efforts. The company is working hard to expand the reach of its medicine to these countries and to address devastating diseases.

“Our high rank is an important validation of our decades-long, deliberate and focused strategy and a testament to our colleagues and partners around the world who work every day to enable access to our innovative medicines and technologies in almost 100 lower- and middle-income countries,” the company said in a statement.

In the Index’s subcategories, the pharmaceutical company ranked second in Governance of Access, second in Research and Development and third in Product Delivery.

In the report card, the company is recognized for addressing public health needs in lower- and middle-income countries, ensuring a continuous level of access to medicine to these countries and donations according to public need.

J&J ensures that it is “innovating across all that we do to develop and deliver much-needed medicines, strengthening health systems and supporting frontline health workers.”

The company aims to provide affordable medication, has more than 2 billion doses to treat children with intestinal worms and has invested $100 million in the Antimicrobial Resistance Action Fund.

Supporting transparency, the Access to Medicine Index also provides suggestions for improvement, such as expanding its supply chain process reviews to more countries and increasing the number of countries with patented medicines for HIV.

“Recognizing much more needs to be done we will continue to build on our approach to meet the needs of people today and the challenges the world faces tomorrow.”

Johnson & Johnson moved up from its ranking of third place in 2021.

Click here to read the company’s full 2022 report card.


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