Johnson & Johnson Shares the Importance of Inclusive Clinical Trials

Johnson & Johnson is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


Johnson & Johnson shared the importance of diversity and inclusivity in clinical trials, citing the need to include underrepresented individuals.

If a patient has a condition but no approved treatments are available or if the available treatments are not proving effective, the patient may be able to consider a clinical trial as an option. Patients often learn about clinical trials from their doctor or a patient advocacy organization.

However, many clinical trials have not had an accurately diverse group of participants, affecting both the trial’s findings and the treatment for underrepresented patients.

“Historically, most of the trials that have been conducted have produced data that underrepresents different demographics, such as Black and Hispanic patients,” said Kate Owen, Global Development Head at Janssen.

Recruiting individuals from historically underrepresented demographics is crucial to ensure research is representative of the diverse communities served.

Johnson & Johnson makes diversity, equity and inclusion a top priority when creating and conducting clinical trials. The company also works to eliminate health inequities for people of color through Our Race to Health Equity.

“By incorporating diverse and inclusive practices into every stage of our clinical trial process, more patients will have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. Together, we are building a world where health equity is the norm,” Owen said.

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