5 Biggest News Stories of the Week: June 9

As the saying goes, the news never stops. In this weekly news roundup, we’ll cover the top news stories impacting American workplaces and communities.   

1. New Study Reveals Gender Pay Parity is Delayed Until 2056

A study released this week by the Center for American Progress shows that women will not achieve pay parity with men until 2056 and have lost $61 trillion in wages since 1967. The news comes as the Equal Pay Act turns 60.  

Pay equity is the right thing to do and benefits employers and employees. All companies on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list have initiatives to detect and correct pay inequity. 

Read more about the four actions employers can take to advance pay equity.  

2. June is Immigrant Heritage Month

June is Pride Month, which promotes equality and celebrates the accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community. June is also Immigrant Heritage Month, a time to recognize immigrants’ contributions to America and their history. 

According to the I Stand With Immigrants initiative, this is the 10th annual Immigrant Heritage Month.   

The organization notes the past decade has witnessed a significant rise in pro-immigrant sentiment among Americans. According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of people agree that immigrants enhance the country, marking a substantial increase from the previous figure of 43%. 

3. Accenture Partners with Immersive Labs to Fill Cybersecurity Roles

Accenture (a Fair360 Hall of Fame company) and Immersive Labs have launched the “Cyber Million” program to combat the global cybersecurity shortage 

The initiative aims to fill one million entry-level cybersecurity operations jobs over the next decade, taking a skills-first approach that allows candidates to complete hands-on exercises and labs that match job requirements. The program aims to modernize cybersecurity recruitment and address the talent deficit by increasing access to opportunities and emphasizing real-world skills. 

4. Check Out Our Career Advice Video Series!

Fair360’s Career Advice video series is a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance and insights to navigate their professional journey.  

Whether exploring different career paths, honing essential skills, or navigating workplace challenges, the series offers concise and practical tips, expert advice, and actionable strategies to help viewers excel in their chosen fields. 

Become a Premium subscriber to view all videos in the series.  

5. McKinsey Survey: Companies Struggle to Implement Effective Hybrid Work Strategies and Optimize Real Estate

A recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company reveals that many companies have only made limited progress in implementing effective and sustainable hybrid work strategies since the COVID-19 pandemic.  

While companies gather employee feedback and leverage advanced workplace technologies, they are still struggling to achieve a true hybrid work model. McKinsey states that key areas where companies need improvement include altering physical workplaces based on business requirements, implementing test-and-measure systems and creating clear workplace experience goals.  


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